About Us

mod-assistants-about-usAbout MOD Assistants

MOD Assistants was founded out of a personal need. As busy entrepreneurs, wives, daughters, friends, and moms (Jaclyn to a real person, Jessica to a fur child) our time is limited. We simply just did not have time for day-to-day household tasks. Over coffee one day, we came to the conclusion that we needed help. Not a full time assistant – just someone to help 3-4 hours each week with personal errands, chores around the house and maybe a little help with our businesses too. That’s how MOD Assistants was born!

MOD can provide the only thing more valuable than money – time. Our clients want to maximize their free time with things that enhance they truly enjoy — adventure, family, friends, making an impact, or even just binge watching a favorite TV show.

A MOD assistant is that naturally organized person that always seems to have his or her life in order. She pays close attention to the details, is always mindful of deadlines and time restraints,  and loves to help others. Each client is matched with an assistant based on our four-point system. All of our assistants are vetted through an extensive interview process, reference checks, background checks and go through a three-part initial training and ongoing education. MOD Assistants are fully insured so you can feel very safe having them in your home and office.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us better. Are you ready for #moretimetolive? The first step is to fill our contact form and tell us more about your needs. Hope to see you soon!