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At MOD, we are always looking to grow our team with like minded individuals that find joy in helping others. We have current openings for personal assistant jobs and business assistant jobs.
Our amazing team of MOD Assistants.

We are looking for fun, caring, smart, and happy people to join our highly selected group of MOD Assistants. At MOD, we like to think we provide the best assistant service in Colorado. We find that our values and our culture are the ‘secret sauce’ to our team. If you love helping others and relate to our core values, please consider joining our team.

  1. EFFICIENCY: Our business is built on processes and technology to maximize consistency and reduce time and costs to our clients and staff.
  2. OPERATE IN YOUR STRENGTH: We believe each person has individual strengths and by amplifying these strengths we are able to increase our personal effect on the world.
  3. CONSISTENT SERVICE: It’s not just enough to do a good job, by using our proven processes, training and hiring methods our staff delivers a consistent, high level of service every time, no matter who the assistant is.

Why Work For MOD?
  • Design your own schedule
  • Keep your nights and weekends free!
  • Work with a variety of clients on a variety on tasks
  • Engage in ongoing learning and personal development
  • Work with everyone from emerging entrepreneurs to established professionals and families

Currently we are hiring for the following positions, however if we are not hiring in your current area feel free to email us a resume at We look forward to meeting you soon!

Available Positions