Personal Services

Personal Services

Trying to balance work, family, friends and all of those tedious day-to-day tasks has become a daily struggle for so many.  At MOD Assistants we provide our clients with the ease of mind that only a completed check list of errands can provide.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning
Pet Care
Car Maintenance
Mundane Errands
Moving and Relocation Prep
Home Organization
Household Management
A weekly fee gets your to-do list done and gets you back to your life. The fee is based on the time your MOD assistant is scheduled to complete your list of weekly tasks. We can work together to build your list based on your needs and your budget.

A Great Place to Start

2 Hours Per Week, $25 Per Hour
$50 Weekly

Most Popular

4 Hours Per Week, $25/hour
$100 Weekly

Please Send Help!

8 Hours Per Week, $25/hour
$200 Weekly


Nonrecurring, Single Project
$30 Per Hour

Minimum 2 hours per week. Additional hours billed at corresponding hourly rate. Recurring Clients: 60 day commitment, 2 week cancellation after.