Staying Ahead for Real Estate Agents


Running a business, territory or/and client base can be a heavy task without help.  The lifestyle in real estate can be a constant hustle due to limited time and competitive marketing.

From networking to selling, communication is key to stay ahead of the market. Growing opportunities come with new demands and responsibilities that many agents have trouble fulfilling. If business is struggling to keep pace with marketing and administrative work, it’s time to work smarter not harder.

To remain focused on clients and effectively time manage, an extra hand may offer support in an independent profession. Having an assistant in today’s hectic and high-powered world of real estate could be the key to successfully growing business.


Finding someone to trust and work well with is the most important aspect in this work culture. Therefore, the question is whether to hire an experienced executive assistant or an inexperience real estate professional?

It may be a good option to try out temporary assistance during busy seasons to test the waters of how a new person will affect your business. Or if help is needed now, an outsourced assistant a few hours a week based on office needs may be the key to get started right away.

There are lots of options out there for contracting assistants. However, our readers are in the right place! Taking on a MOD Assistant offers clients a educated, resourceful and experienced happy helper.

The best part is, there is no commitment to supporting growth or salary increases for this person. Rather than creating more work hiring independently, instantly gain business productivity and hire MOD.

MOD hires are smart and flexible.  Whether it’s in office, at the home or a virtual assistant; MOD staffers can work around any schedule and be at any location.

As your time is our #1 priority, MOD offers a quick interview process and easy payment options. Offering packages with flat rates, allows clients to control weekly charges and hours of the assistant.


There is plenty of work for an assistant in real estate. For instance, virtual assistants are better suited for repetitive administrative tasks, rather than creative and interpersonal jobs, which require a closer working relationship with the local market. Delegating duties of managing listings, coordinating contracts, and communicating to clients, ultimately frees up time for what truly needs accomplished—the sale.  In addition to overseeing marketing management and administration, MOD assistants are also mindful of their clients. Ensuring goals are met monthly, daily schedules are prepared and appointments are confirmed, support clients’ daily achievements and a “can do” attitude.

While assistants in the MOD world can be a quick solution to office support, it’s important to weigh options. Taking on assistance to boost productivity, client relationships and most importantly manage the small stuff, may possibly to the advantage over the competition.  It’s worth a call.


About author:
Lauren is a business assistant with MOD. Experienced in assisting CEO's, COO's and small business owners, Lauren has a diverse background in sales, marketing and executive administration. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Lauren graduated from West Virginia University in Journalism. With work experience in London, New York City, Pittsburgh, Florida with top corporations, Lauren is a knowledgable, savvy and resourceful. Currently living in Denver with husband and two children, she enjoys traveling, writing and shopping.

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